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Because of the new release of the game, I of course have more facts and canon things to go off of rather than the paragraph bio and a few other things that I had heard for Souji. So, there will be changes to his character as needed to make him suit his canon. This is just as a heads up to everyone as I learn more about him. I feel that they have done a very nice job in this game with many aspects of Souji so I am confident in his canon!

For sick RPs, those will still be in place. However, his ill moments are less frequent it seems in the SSL verse unless you are discussing his childhood (the bio I had said that he had a weak constitution all together. Opps.) But I am keeping those threads unless the person I share them with does not wish for them to be continued. As well, his study habits will be altered some as well. That will be for another time~. 

I do really want to remain a very canon Souji, so these are my changes. I am confident that they did well with him due to new information about relationships, attitudes, etc. I hope that this doesn’t hinder too many though! Do expect headcanons though because I love those hehe. 

//Is there any way to find out any new information about how Heisuke and Sanosuke are in SSL more than the little snippet we’d gotten as well? I’d love to be able to try and portray my Heisuke muse more accurately as well in the SSL verse. //


The Takamatsuzuka Tomb (高松塚古墳) was built between the end of the 7th century and the beginning of the 8th century. It was accidentally discovered by a local farmer in the 1960s. In 1972, a series of paintings was found on the walls of a stone chamber which were coated with plaster. The chamber was constructed with sixteen stone slabs and the inner size is 265 cm in dept and 104 cm in height. The mural paintings consisted of vivid images of men, woman in Goguryeo-style garb, the blue dragon, the white tiger, black turtle snake, the sun and moon. A heavenly constellation was depicted on the ceiling.

One of the murals that was discovered inside the Takamatsuzuka Tomb (高松塚古墳) in Asuka Mura.

((The phoenix is also though but was in terrible condition if I do recall correctly…  *was a Fushigi Yuugi nut and found out about this through it as well as another Burial Mound.*))

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Sanosuke Harada: 10th unit captain of the Shinsengumi


Summer casual wear sletches, from Otomate staff blog.

Is it me, or did Ryu get his costume idea from someone's Western uniform? XD



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Okita Souji and Kondou Isami Compilation

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