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New rp blog for Sanosuke Harada and Ryunosuke Ibuki (not mine)

//A NEW SANO AND RYUNOSUKE!? …. .Promo-Time!  (Not mine either.) Exciiiitement….

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My character takes a fatal blow intended for your character. How does your character react?



// I think I already know that one. :/

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Your muse finds my muse curled up on the bed, crying. Send “Hush” for a 1-35 generated response to why.


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Send me "What did you just call me?" and I will generate a number from 1-40 for what my muse will have called yours.

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Please Reblog if your muse isn’t just ‘the character I write as’, but is someone who is there with you.





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Screw angst, make my muse genuinely smile in one sentence or less.

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The Oni Doctor


Sano looks up at the woman. He wasn’t sure who she was, but apparently she knew him somehow. Moving his gaze back down, he felt as though her cheerful nature was too cheerful for him to take right now. He couldn’t force himself to smile, as he normally did when he was upset. This time was completely different.

"No. It’d give ‘em relief that they wouldn’t have to deal with me," he replies bitterly, "Things have changed over th’ past couple days, lady. So much has happened. Too much to take in."

"Much has happened, but much can still be fixed." Manami sighed and shifted her glance from him. "I’m assuming the reason you’re feeling this was is because of your Rasetsu form you’ve now obtained. Am I correct?" A small smirk formed as she cautiously walked closer to him. "My name is Manami, and I’m assuming you’re Sanosuke Sagara..? Souji has told me all about you and he had described you as tall with a red bandana, brown hair, brown eyes..fighter type."

"My whole reason for coming here is to try and help you, Sano-san." Manami tried to keep a professional attitude as she brought it up. "I believe, I may have a solution for you. It won’t be easy, but, it should help." Casually she tried to hint at a cure or subsider. The last thing she wanted to do however was mention it out too loud. "Perhaps there’s some place we can speak that’s more..private?"

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Stop roleplaying. No one likes you.


"Oh well. I guess I can just count all my fangirls out then~. I mean its not like people draw pictures of me all the time." 

//Anon hate is so cowardly… XD omg..

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"i know the mistakes that I made." //is it ok if I send this.? xD

Yin nodded slowly at him and listened closely. “W-well..we all make mistakes right…? It can’t be helped. After all we’re only hu- …” She paused and closed her eyes. Well, he, was human anyway.. “We’re only human!” Quickly she continued with it as her eyes shifted to the sky above them. “At least… we can learn from them, eh?” Gently she tried to offer some kindness and hope.

//OF COURSE! <3 Please, send me asks anytime!! <3

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